Here are some tools and resources that you can use to get started organizing in your own neighbourhood. Feel free to share them widely, or modify and improve upon them.


Learn More

  • Learn how to organize a Border-Blockade or a Refugee Sing-A-Long: Here
  • Learn How to Sponsor Refugees: Here 
  • Video statement by Alan Kurdi's cousin here and statement by father Abdullah Kurdi here
  • Indigenous Responses to Refugee Crisis, watch here and here
  • Faith-Based Responses to Refugee Crisis, read here and here
  • Key Changes to Canada's Immigration and Refugee System here
  • Guardian: How Harper's Canada has more than one refugee death on its hands here
  • Toronto Star "The truth: zero new spaces for refugees" here
  • How Canada responded to Refugee Crisis before here and here 
  • FAQ about Syrian Refugees and Canada here
  • How to Set up a Creative Border Checkpoint here
  • Three mistakes we keep repeating when it comes to refugees here


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