We are a people powered mobilization across Canada seeking justice for refugees and displaced people who are migrating around the world in the search for safety and dignity. We formed in the wake of Alan Kurdi’s tragic death from drowning. Like millions of others, Alan’s family became refugees because of a war in which Canada has a hand.

Like thousands of others, Alan’s family was unable to come to Canada as a refugee because of exclusionary Canadian immigration policies. This must change; Canada must welcome refugees and migrants. We also acknowledge and take seriously our responsibilities towards Indigenous peoples whose lands we reside upon. We oppose all forms of displacement and affirm the inherent human right to stay, freedom to move, and right to return.

This is an ad-hoc network of organizations, and you can join in too by hosting a snap event.

For general inquiries, email info@refugeeswelcome.ca

This website is coordinated by members of No One Is Illegal groups. To learn more about what's wrong with immigration, visit www.neverhome.ca


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